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The complete ProArtisan2 manual

The version of ProArtisan described below and on this copy of RISCWorld is ProArtisan2. The latest version, ProArtisan24, is a full 24 bit art package and is therefore much more powerful and ideal for editing modern 32,000 or 16M colour images and is also 32 bit neutral and works on the Iyonix.

The normal price for ProArtisan24 is £39, but as a very special offer to RISC World subscribers we are offering the complete ProArtisan24 package for just £34. This price includes UK post, but please add £1.50 for carriage outside the UK.


ProArtisan is APDL/ProAction 2003. All rights reserved

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ProArtisan is supplied under licence for use on one computer at a time. The user is forbidden to make any copies of the source media where the program is supplied on CD. Please contact APDL for details of site licences.

While every care is taken the publisher cannot be held responsible for any errors in this product, or for the loss of any data or consequential effects from the use of this package.

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ProArtisan was written by Frank Dart and J.Warminster.

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  • 1. Getting Started
  • 2. The Icon Bar Menu
  • 3. The Canvas
  • 4. The Paint menu
  • 5. The Drawing menu
  • 6. The Sprite menu
  • 7. Input/Output Menu
  • 8. The Process Menu