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Trust 1600P 2.1 Soundforce Speakers

Dave Bradforth reviews a new set of computer speakers from Trust

With the explosion of the MP3 revolution, a decent set of speakers is fast becoming an essential add on to your computer. Whatever you use your computer for, there's the probability that you'll occasionally spend long periods of time on it doing some form of manual work. Without music, those long periods of time have a habit of dragging out into hours. With boredom setting in work has a habit of falling to one side in favour of that quick game of Desktop Repton.

Given that the speakers within every native RISC OS computer all have a common factor in that they're just... well... bad, investing in a decent set of speakers has to be on the wishlist for virtually anybody who ever plays music through their computer. Indeed, for PC users it's often the only way to get any sound out of the computer at all; and if you're running a Virtual Acorn-powered machine you may as well start with a set of the best.

By this do I mean a super-expensive set of concert-alike speakers? Nah, more the rather stylish Soundforce speakers from Trust. Boasting separate treble and bass controls, a 1600 Watt (PMPO and hence meaningless - ED) output and a superb deep bass provided by a separate woofer unit this roughly equates to some superb quality output from your CDs or MP3s, whether your taste is Britney Spears, Queen or a bit of Led Zeppelin.

The key features identified by Trust are:

  • Powerful subwoofer speaker set with 1600 Watt output, 15 + 2 x 2 Watt RMS
  • For realistic sound effects and high quality music
  • Separate control unit to place at any convenient location
  • Excellent deep bass provided by separate wooden subwoofer
  • Controls for power, bass, treble and master volume adjustment
  • Attractive design with black and metal colours
  • Also suitable to connect to gaming consoles such as PlayStation 2, X-Box and GameCube (using leads supplied)

Technically, the Soundforce speakers are magnetically shielded allowing for effective use near a monitor and have a separate control unit with a stereo amplifier and a wooden subwoofer for a powerful bass - the latter certainly shows when playing songs such as Secret Garden (Bruce Springsteen).

In the time I've had these speakers they've made their way around the house - one minute they're on the Risc PC; the next they're on the iMac allowing me to watch 24 (new series on Sky One, Thursdays at 9pm by the way) - and whatever task I put them to they've yet to disappoint.

RISC World doesn't, per se, have an Editor's Choice award but at the risk of getting shot I'm going to invent one. And if you hadn't gathered yet, these speakers have won it.

Product details

Product: 1600P 2.1 Soundforce Speakers
Supplier: Trust Computer Supplies
Price: £30.00

Dave Bradforth