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BASICV a Dabhand Guide Part 5

Alligata Media

About this book

We have largely left this book unaltered: the original edition was written by Mike Williams and included a section relating to the DABS Press books and software which has, of course, been deleted and we refer you to for extensive details of our software, hardware and book range.

At present we are considering an update to this book to cover the use of more modern BASIC in the shape of that supplied with the Risc PC, but offer no promises beyond this re-print. This book was produced using Ovation Pro on my StrongARM Risc PC; with the whole mainly typed from an original which was produced using VIEW on a Master Compact before being laid out for press in MacAuthor.

This book will be serialised in the next few issues of RISCWorld.


  • 11 : Sound
  • 12: Commands
  • 13: ARM Assembler