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RISCWorld Subscriber Discounts

Dave Holden introduces our discount scheme for subscribers...

Over the past few years APDL has become the major supplier of software for RISC OS. The range continues to grow, and we're well in to a program of updating and improving many of the older titles.

RISCWorld is now entering its fifth year of publication, and a considerable proportion of our subscribers have been with us from the beginning. Although it was never intended as such, the magazine is beginning to feel more like a 'club' than just another periodical. People who telephone APDL to purchase software or hardware, or for help or advice, often begin the conversation with "I'm a RISC World subscriber....."

We have frequently included special offers for software in the magazine. Normally this has been because it's just been reviewed or updated and we want RISC World subscribers to understand that we at APDL think they're slightly more 'special' than other RISC OS users. To acknowledge this we've now decided that in future all RISC World subscribers will be entitled to a 10% discount off all software published by APDL, APDL-ProAction and iSV Products.

This won't apply to 'third party' titles sold by APDL, such as David Pilling's Ovation Pro, or to hardware. But it does include the Topologika titles, since the RISC OS versions are now published by APDL-ProAction.

Getting your discount

To qualify you simply need to be a current RISC World subscriber, that is, your subscription must not have expired, and the goods would normally need to be delivered to the subscription address. So when you order by phone, e-mail or by post remember to state that you are a RISCWorld subscriber, if you don't say so at the time of ordering then you won't get a discount on the order, the system isn't automatic and relies on you, the customer, asking for the discount!

If your RISCWorld subscription has lapsed then you can renew it at the time of ordering and still claim your 10% discount.

Archive on-line

Whilst I am on the subject of the benefits of being a RISCWorld subscriber I ought to remind readers that they are entitled to join the Archive-on-Line mailing list.

In case anyone doesn't know, this is an email group moderated by Keith Johnson. Originally it was set up as an additional resource for subscribers to Archive magazine, but some time ago it was opened up to RISCWorld readers. It's a 'closed' list, which means it's not open to everyone, just those that qualify, and this makes it much more friendly that some of the c.s.a. newsgroups. It's also moderated, which tends to stop some of the people with more extreme views and improve the 'signal to noise' ratio. If you haven't already joined I suggest you give it a try.

A couple of weeks ago there was a problem because the email address seems to have been hijacked by someone who then used it to transmit a virus. This resulted in all outgoing mail from the list being blocked by a company called Energys that monitors the web for various ISP's. Eventually, after investigation, it was realised that the virus did not originate with the 'real' AoL, and so the connection was restored, and things are now back to normal, although as a precautionary measure the email address has been changed.

During the interim a suggestion was made to move the whole list to an alternative system, just in case it wasn't possible to get the problem sorted out, and so for a few days this was tried out with a few subscribers. Since the 'real' system has now been restored the 'alternative' system was discontinued, although it is being held in reserve in case something similar ever happens again. If you did receive mail from this alternative list don't worry.

As a consequence of the hijacking the email address for Archive on Line has been changed. Previously it was It is now Note the dropping of the second hyphen.


The moderator has specifically requested that subscribers using PC's or Macs do not put this in their address books as that is the most likely way in which the previous address was 'harvested'.

Signing on

If you haven't tried Archive on Line before then all you need do is send an email to the above address with SIGNON in the subject line. You should also, in the body of the email, put your full name and address. This is so that it can be checked against the list of RISC World subscribers to ensure that you are entitled to join.

So, your RISC World subscription just got even better value for money!

Dave Holden