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The Hugh Jampton Experience

He's big, he's green...and he's stupid, it's Hugh.....Jampton!

Yes, it's the time for the best bit of RISCWorld, the world famous Hugh Jampton Experience!

The caption competition

As I am sure you will all recall we published this picture last time and asked for a caption or two:

Much to my surprise the response was truly underwhelming, or to put it another way, if you entered you had a 100% chance of winning. So in no order our entries are:

"Customer expressing gratitude for assistance provided by Microsoft's Customer Services Department."
Michael Poole

Mind you Michael did go on to say "I don't care if the above wins or not. Thanks for publishing the picture. I just love it!". Well in fact it did win, indeed it was the best entry by far. Anyway can anyone come up with a nice caption for this?

Send your entries to and you too could join the elite group of caption competition winners.

Hugh's picture gallery

So it's time for the real end piece, my regular low quality photo gallery...

Now that's what we like to see, an up to date information display system.

Of course you don't just need up to date info at the airport.

Of course you could always give up tying to get anywhere and play the latest game.

Or have some fun with the latest operating system.

Mind you this really does seem to sum it up...

And finally here's a quick link to the best on-line clock ever...

Hugh Jampton