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RISCWorld competition

Is it the end of the RISCWorld competition?

last issue we ran a VirtualGolf competition, where we had 3 copies to give away, all readers had to do was e-mail in and tell us which course Aaron and Dave were playing on...

So who could be bothered to e-mail in? Well step forward Julian Benton, who correctly identified the course as Wentworth. A copy of VirtualGolf will be speeding it's way through the post as soon as possible. But what of the other 2 copies we were giving away? Well we had exactly one entry, yes that's right one entry turned up in the editorial e-mail pile.

In the end we don't mind, the competition costs money to run and it comes from the editorial budget. So we have decided that we will stop running the competition from this issue onwards and spend the money elsewhere on the magazine. As for the other 2 copies of VirtualGolf, well they will go back into regular stock to be sold at a show, or by mail order, or used to prop up Dave Bradforths' Mac.

What next?

It's a great shame that the competition has had to close, all readers need to do was click on a link and send an e-mail. Indeed for a number of issues we had quite a few entries, but mainly from the same readers every time. So most readers don't want a competition, fine, well perhaps those that didn't enter the competition would like to e-mail and tell us what you would like to see in it's place. We would like to make RISCWorld a two way experience, so readers have some say in the editorial content, but if you don't tell us what you would like then we simply won't know.