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The Game of Life

Martin Carradus

The Game of "Life"

Devised by John Horton Conway of Cambridge, the Game of "Life" consists of a grid of cells that are either alive or dead. The grid updates itself from generation to generation by considering the neighbours of each cell. If a cell is 'alive' and the number of its 'alive' neighbours are between chosen limits, then that cell remains 'alive' to the next generation.

However, if there are too many neighbours or too few, then a 'live' cell dies out from overcrowding or isolation and doesn't survive to the next generation.

In addition, if an unoccupied cell has a given number of neighbours, then that cell becomes 'alive' in the next generation.

The Game of Life

In this simulation, a newly born cell is shown as a red dot, and a surviving cell is shown as a blue dot. Unoccupied cells are shown as white.

Begin by left clicking on the 'Life' icon on the icon bar, or by selecting 'Display' from the icon bar menu and setting up a pattern of initial 'live' cells. Either left or right click over the cells you wish to initially make 'live'. If you click over a cell you have already made 'live', then it makes it 'dead' once more.

Alternatively, move right from 'SetUp' on the icon bar menu, choose your own 'Life' parameters on the panel that appears, then click on 'OK' on this panel to set up an initial pattern of live cells.

Having set up the initial pattern, close the initial window, then select 'Run' from the icon bar menu to start the simulation.

'Freeze' stops the simulation during running, then restarts it if it is unticked, and 'Reset' enables the simulation to start from the beginning again.

Certain events cause !LifeGame to halt. If this occurs, hold down any key continuously to cause !LifeGame to resume. DO NOT open anything on the icon bar - !LifeGame crashes.

Please Read the File '!ReadMe' within !LifeGame for terms and conditions of use. (Hold down 'Shift' and double click with the Mouse pointer over the application file icon.).

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Users of !LifeGame must accept this disclaimer of warranty: "!LifeGame is supplied as is. The author disclaims all warranties, expressed or implied, including, without limitation, the warranties of merchantability and of fitness for any purpose. The author assumes no liability for damages, direct or consequential, which may result from the use of !LifeGame."

Anyone distributing !LifeGame for any kind of remuneration must first contact Martin Carradus at the address below for authorization.

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