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Yes it's the man with an Omega user guide..

Welcome back to the most read* bit of RISCWorld. So without further ado let's freefall gracefully into last issues caption competition.

* According to a poll of one person in front of my computer, now.

The caption competition

Last issue we published this and asked readers to come up with a suitable caption...

So what have our highly motivated readers come up with this time?

"Anyone got a bottle of Tippex?"
Thomas Shevels

"I've eaten the dog - now what?"
Chris Newman

Steven Morton

"Shouldn't have trusted a Microsoft expert to design the notice!"
Chris Newman

"My owner is certainly no David Attenborough is he?"
Chris Newman

However in my mind (which is spacious and underused - ED) there can only be one clear winner, so step forward...

"What Dog?"
Dennis Williams

So congratulations to Dennis. We don't have any prizes, but why not take yourself down the shops and buy something expensive you don't want.

Anyway here is this issues picture, can anyone think of a suitable caption?

Send your entries to and you too could enhance you social standing.

Hugh's picture gallery

Moving quickly on lets see what's in my wonderful space filling picture archive...

Lets start off with Ken Livingston's latest idea to beat traffic congestion.

And for those of you, like me, who are astonished at the commercial exploitation of the Hamster Dance...

And talking of exploiting dumb animals...

Meanwhile in an attempt to capture a new market Microsoft launches another new product range...

Although some minor problems have been reported with slight over heating faults on other products...

After this sort of experience you really could do with a good cheer up.

See you again in March.

Hugh Jampton