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It's full of your words, and doesn't feature any

So lets start with some letters about the RISCWorld competition...

I dunno about anyone else, but I rarely enter competitions, especially if the prize is something I don't want. For example 'virtual golf'. If it had been a Virtual RPC you probably would have got more replies.
Lol Simmonds see the prizes we give away come out of my editorial budget. We could give away a couple of VirtualRPCs, but that would mean sacrificing several articles to pay for them. As you say that you rarely enter competitions anyway I'm not sure what I can do. I don't really want to reduce the editorial to pay for a couple of prizes for a couple of readers. The other key point is that the competition costs nothing to enter, just a minute to send an e-mail, and if you don't ever enter then you are guaranteed not to win, so even if it is something you don't want it's still free!

I think the answer to the VirtualGolf competition is Wentworth. Yes, I know you've given the answer now and the competition is closed, but you were complaining about the lack of entries, so I've just increased the number of entries for that competition by 100%
HTH :-)

Thanks, I feel much better now. Now moving on to RISCWorld cock up corner...

Hmm.. turns out some browsers are stupid after all. Safari won't find the links to the second and third DTP articles from the current issue, simply because the filenames for the HTML files are in small caps... i wonder if Oregano is as stupid...

Well technically Safari is acting correctly. The links and files should be the same case. If you think about it most servers are Linux based, and on these upper and lower case letter are not treated as the being the same (unlike Windows and RISC OS). So the files Index.html and index.html would actually be two separate files. Some browsers try to compensate for designer stupidity by checking different variants of the case of the file name being requested. So to sum up I don't think it's Safari being stupid, I think it's me!

Dear Aaron,
Starting fresh in the New Year with my 42nd application - LeyFind see attached! Finds Ley Lines given file of grid references and degree of accuracy.
Can you tell me when will the next issue be coming out?
Martin Carradus

Thanks, we have featured LeyFind in this very issue. RISCWorld comes out near the end (typically around the 22nd) of every other month. So this issue will be arriving at the end of January, the next issue will be around the end of March, then the start of the next volume will be around the end of May.

That seems to be it for this issues letters column. So to avoid this column being rather short next time why not write in to us and tell us what you think of RISCWorld.

Aaron Timbrell