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We have another interesting collection of new RISC OS games for all our readers this month, so lets see what' been arriving in my e-mail over the last few weeks.

LBreakout2 - Really Small Software Company

This is a port of LBreakout2 (Linux Breakout 2) and uses the SDL (Simple Direct media Layer) graphics libraries, it also needs to be installed to a filing system with full long file name support. It includes over 50 new levels with a host of bonuses. Also included is support for play over a network and a full level editor. There is a full HTML manual included in the Docs directory which covers all the features in detail.


Almost everything can be controlled directly with the mouse and the comprehensive set up screens allow you to tweak the game to suit your abilities.

A10 - Phil

This includes the compiled 'Flight Sim Toolkit' Fly engine, with the !a10 simulation demo to test it. Loads of resources for FST are available at, including the original FST releases and upgrades (PC and Arc), utilities (PC), tutorials, help manuals, simulations, terrain models, 3D shapes... including the source code of the fly engine (PC and Arc).

Dave Daniels has maintained and provided the Fly source code, including the files needed for compiling the software under RISC OS. Unfortunately, the RISC OS version of FST Fly does not provides support for joystick or multiplayer game support (rs232 link) neither does it have sound support. The compiled version of Fly provided inside the !A10 demo can be used with other simulations (visit the website), and is 26/32 bit safe (linked with stubG).

A10 contains a number of options, whilst sitting on the run way at the start press ESCAPE to bring up the menus in the top left corner of the screen.


The full list of control keys is as follows:

Engine controls:

  • Engine on/off E
  • Increase throttle =
  • Decrease throttle _
  • Throttle min-max 1-9, 0
  • Zero throttle underscore
  • Max throttle shift +

Hydraulic systems:

  • Wheel brakes on/off W
  • Landing gear G
  • Air brakes on/off B
  • Flaps S

Primary flight controls:

  • Center stick Z
  • Rudder Left ,
  • Rudder Right .

Weapon controls:

  • Fire weapon space
  • Select weapon backspace
  • Drop flare F
  • Drop chaff C
  • Jettison stores J

View controls:

  • Look forward F1
  • Look left F2
  • Look right F3
  • Look up/down F4
  • Look back/right F5
  • Look back/right F6
  • Look back shift F1
  • Rotate right F7
  • Rotate left F8
  • Rotate down F9
  • Rotate up F10
  • Padlock P
  • Zoom in page_up (keypad)
  • Zoom out page_down (keypad)
  • Missile view alt M
  • Outside view O
  • Track view V
  • Cockpit view alt V
  • Map ctrl M

Simulation controls:

  • Pause alt P
  • Simulation menu esc
  • Fast time alt Z
  • Quit alt X

That's all from me for this issue, I hope to have more games for you next time!

Paul Brett