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It's so thin it's on the front cover of Heat, it's the RISCWorld letters page...

So lets start this months 5 second trawl through our mailbag with this from Vince Hudd...

Hi Aaron,
Notin your comment in the latest RISCWorld that you don't et as many letters as you used to, I thouht I'd hel out y sendin you a small selection: A C D E F H I K L M N O R S T U V W Y.
You will notice that the list isn't the comlete set that we tend to use - this is ecause I don't have any of the missin ones sare to send, as you will no dout notice y the lack of their aearance in this email. HTH

Thank you, I have had the letters you sent valued at nearly a one hundredth of a penny. According to the auction house they would have been worth more if there had been an entire set. Apparently collectors are only interested in the entire alphabet these days, which is a shame as it should be possible to make a full set from a number of incomplete ones. Anyway that's enough pointless drivel from me, lets have another letter...(surely some pointless drivel from someone else? - HJ)

Hi Aaron,
What should I do with my old RW CDs? I mean the ones that have been collected together on 1 CD eg Issues 1-5? I don't like throwing anything away that can be useful to someone, do you have a use for them? I don't know anyone where I live that uses RISC OS or would be interested in RISCWorld. I don't mind making a parcel and posting them.
Laurence Simmonds

Thanks for the e-mail. I don't have a use for the CD's I'm afraid as I have copies of all the issues (even the ones I didn't edit). It might be worth seeing if anyone on the comp.sys.acorn newsgroups would like them. Other than that I can only offer my top ten things to do with old RISCWorld CDs.

  • Use two of them to make big Elton John style glasses - you can see out of the holes in the middle.
  • Take out several RISCWorld subscriptions and use the CDs to tile your bathroom (note that the ink isn't waterproof)
  • Put the CD's silver side up on a spindle and sell them as CDR's at a boot fair.
  • Make a Llama scarer for your garden (I have actually done this and haven't seen a single Llama attacking the vegetable patch).
  • Hang several of them from string and suspend them over the garden to make your own "War of the Worlds" style alien attack fleet.
  • Make a silver cover for your car's speedo so you can't see how fast the AA van is towing you.
  • Using two car aerials, two toilet roll tubes and two CDs make yourself a pair of fencing swords.
  • Using a pencil, a cotton reel, two CDs and an elastic band make a realistic powered racing car.
  • Make expensive looking silver covers for 6 inch loudspeakers.
  • Throw them away.

Do any of the above help at all? If not why don't some of our readers write in with suggestions?

To finish off here is an almost repeat of something from last issue...

Dear Aaron,
Why is this issues letters page even shorter than the last one?
Hugh Jampton

You know the answer already, we aren't getting many letters. At this rate the letters page will have wasted away by next issue, so why not help save the RISCWorld letters page from extinction by e-mailing us to the following address

Aaron Timbrell