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Lower price on VirtualRPC-Adjust

At VirtualAcorn we are keen to ensure that users keep up to date with the latest developments in RISC OS. As such we are delighted to announce that from today the price of VirtualRPC-Adjust, complete with RISC OS 4.39, has been reduced to only £119 (plus p & of £1.50 for the UK and £3.50 for †overseas).

The upgrade price for users of VirtualRPC-SE has also been slashed to only £79 (plus carriage). To qualify for the upgrade price users will need to return their VRPC-SE CD, the RISC OS 4 †licence sticker and the DVD style case with the colour cover.

These new prices will mean that even more RISC OS users will be able to enjoy the RISC OS Adjust experience.

Fore more details visit the VirtualAcorn website..

Direct PDF Export in ArtWorks 2.5

I am proud to announce one more big step ahead for the platform's most popular advanced vector graphics solution: ArtWorks 2.5, to be released before the end of 2005, will offer direct PDF export. PDF is the industry-standard file format for the exchange of high-quality documents for on-screen viewing and professional printing.

The usual way to create PDF documents under RISC OS is to create a PostScript file using the RISC OS PostScript printer driver and use third-party software to convert that file to PDF. Unfortunately, this approach suffers from various shortcomings in the PostScript format and in the RISC OS PostScript printer driver, which often leads to loss of quality.

ArtWorks 2.5 will overcome these problems by offering Direct PDF Export allowing you to export print-ready PDF files supporting all ArtWorks 2 features without involving any intermediate file format. Finally, you can submit fully vector-based documents with full CMYK information for printing, even for files that use advanced features like dynamic clipping, different types of transparency and graduated transparency effects.

You can find more information and an example screenshot of a complex ArtWorks illustration with transparency being rendered on a foreign platform at:

The projected upgrade price from ArtWorks 2.4 to version 2.5 will be 30 Pounds (subject to change). Final pricing information and other upgrade options will be announced with the release of ArtWorks 2.5.

Castle launches ABC Developers CD

Castle is pleased to announce the immediate availability of !ABC DEVELOPERS CD for a special introductory price of just 39GBP - carriage is free.

!ABC is fully 32-bit and suitable for producing code to run on the new 32-bit IYONIX pc range, older Acorn computers and other RISC OS computers.

The ABC Developers CD contains the ABC Basic Compiler, PDF format manuals for BASIC, Programmers Reference manuals 1 to 5a and ABC release notes.

BASIC is available on all RISC OS computers and the ABC compiler is a perfect complement to provide even faster execution of BASIC code.

Full pricing and other details are available on Castle's web site at:

For further information please contact:

Castle Technology Ltd
Ore Trading Estate
Woodbridge Road
IP13 9LL

Tel: 01728 723200
Fax 01728 621669

Unix Porting Project new address

The Unix Porting Project's postal address is changing.†IDR Solutions has agreed to handle postal subscriptions.† All other contact details and subscription methods remain the same.

For the new address and subscription details, see the project subscription page. Please ensure you use this for future correspondence.

Thanks to Mark Stephens of IDR Solutions for his support of this project.