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Aaron Timbrell rounds up the software directory

To celebrate the release of the latest 4th Dimension Games CD we are including a full commercial game from it...

Haunted House

© APDL 2005

All rights reserved. This program is licensed for use on a single computer by a single user.

This version is supplied for the use of RISCWorld subscribers only.

You can read a full review of this game, and the others that come on the 4th Dimension Adventure Games CD, elsewhere in this issue. As a special treat we decided to include one of the games with this issue. After some heated debate amongst the RISCWorld contributors we finally decided that our favourite game was Haunted House, so here it is!

We have also supplied an HTML version of the manual in this issue, although to be honest the game is pretty much self explanatory, although it's far from easy. The most important thing to do is examine everything, to do this simply move the mouse pointer over the item you are interested in then press MENU.

The first puzzle you must solve is how to open the gate. If you examine the gate carefully you will find that it has a combination lock. If you carefully look around outside the front of the house you will be able to find the combination. I won't say too much more but don't forget you can pick up objects and move them around, perhaps part of the combination can be found under one of the items sitting outside? If so then perhaps there are several items all on top of one another. If you have a sweet tooth you shouldn't have any trouble finding the whole combination. Once you have the combination you can open the gate and enter the grounds of the house, from then on you are on your own.

If you get stuck outside the boarded up front door then I strongly suggest reading Matthew Thompson's review elsewhere in this issue. I do have one final tip, try not to drop anything unless you are sure where it's going! If you aren't careful you might lose an item and have to start again.

The complete DiscWorld line up

As per usual we have our collections of the latest RISC OS games and applications, as well as support files for this issues articles. So the full DiscWorld line up looks something like this:


All the games from this issues games world column.


The full version of Haunted House, from the 4th Dimension Adventure Games CD.


All the latest PD, shareware and freeware releases from the PD column.


Large JPEG versions of the illustrations in Dave Bradforth's Retro Fever article.


This contains two sets of Toolbox Modules. The Castle archive contains the latest 26/32 bit neutral system components, required if you want to run a lot of new software releases on 26bit machines (ie. anything that isn't an Iyonix). The RISCOS Ltd archive contains later and improved versions of a number of modules and is suitable for all versions of RISC OS from 3.1 onwards.


Update file for VirtualRPC-Adjust, needs to be run from Windows.

Aaron Timbrell