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Haunted House

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Haunted House is a desktop graphic adventure game with a twist of the supernatural.

Mouse buttons:

When over a Haunted House window.

  • SELECT: Lets you pick up and carry a movable object. If it is a fixed object (doors etc) it will perform an action on that object. ie: opening or closing a door.
  • MENU: Provides a description of the object pointed at if one is available.
  • ADJUST: Lets you use an object. This button can sometimes be used in conjunction with SELECT.


The arrow buttons to the left of the main picture control the direction of your movement throughout the game.

There is also a magnifying glass to assist you in examining the pictures. Use SELECT OR ADJUST to chose a lens shape and to alter the magnification. MENU will remove the lens.


Deliberative Lateral Thinking is required to solve the majority of the puzzles in this game, a little trial and error won't go amiss either!

Take into account the direction that you are looking before moving. You may not always be looking in the same direction as when you entered a room.

Some small actions may have wide ranging and not necessarily logical effects. Again try everything before rejecting it.

Take care when dropping objects! Make sure that they will fit where they are to land, otherwise you may lose them. You may also lose an object if it lands on top of something it is not supposed to.

Many of the problems are multiple action problems. ie. To make a cup of tea you need to put the tea in the pot, then add the water, before finally pouring the tea into the cup, which in its own time may have already had the milk poured into it! By the way there is no tea in this house.

When placing an object into or onto another it is the position of the object that is important not that of the mouse pointer.

The vast majority of objects serve some purpose though there are a few scarlet fish to be found.

Some problems will require you to take into consideration the needs and desires of characters that appear (or don't appear!) in the game.

Many parts of the game run in real time so it may be of benefit to 'pause' the game by closing the main window by clicking on the 'CLOSE' icon to the left of the title bar.

Good luck!