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Wakefield 2006

We preview the show of the year...

Once again the Wakefield RISC OS Computer club have organised a show at the Thornes park Athletics Stadium in Wakefield. The show will be taking place on Saturday the 13th of May from 10 in the morning until 5 in the evening. Ticket prices are £5 in advance, or £6 at the door. Children under 5 can enter free when accompanied by an adult.

The Thornes Park Athletics Stadium is very easy to find, by foot and by car, and has ample parking.

This years show has been sponsored by APDL, Advantage Six, Richard Hallas, MW Software, Spellings Computer Services and VirtualAcorn.

The show website ( contains the latest show information and the exhibitors list.


The show is once again being coordinated by Chris Hughes, who has organised all the previous Wakefield shows. The show is organised on behalf of the Wakefield RISCOS Computer Club one of the longest running Acorn/RISCOS computer clubs in the UK.


The full list of exhibitors isn't available yet, however the following companies have already confirmed that they will be attending:

Click here for the floor plan

Exhibitor Stand Information
APDL - APDL has the biggest ever collection of software for RISC OS, plus hard drives, CD ROM drives and RAM. Three new 4th Dimension games compilation CDs will be released at the show, and don't forget the trade-in offer if you have an APDL DataSafe.
Advantage 6 Ltd - Tel: 01706 848 600
Fax: 01706 848 679

Advantage Six Ltd produce a range of RISC OS solutions for industrial, OEM and embedded use such as the A6, A75 and A9 machines, industrial interface controllers, monitoring equipment and data encoders. They work to bring consumer products to RISC OS users through their retail partners.

Archive - The subscription magazine for RISC OS users (£39 for 12 issues). Huge amounts of information, articles, news, views, etc. Also on sale, Archive CD (£19) with all 17 years‘ back issues in HTML format, plus search programs to help you find the information you want.
ARM Club - The ARM Club team will be available to help members and non members alike on the Club stand. We'll also be extolling the virtues of membership of the largest RISC OS User Group and providing copies of the club's software titles, including the popular Eureka back-issues CD and the vital DiscKnight.
EFF - Professional advice and help in all font related matters. Quality typefaces for over 60 languages. You can find a large range of educational, symbolic and scientific fonts.
Icon Technology - Icon Technology will be releasing a major upgrade to EasiWriter and TechWriter - the result of 15 months development by Martin Wuerthner of ArtWorks fame.
M W Software - MW Software will demonstrate and sell the latest release of ArtWorks 2, the most popular advanced vector graphics illustration package for RISC OS and the Gimp-Print high-quality photoreal printer drivers.
- R-Comp will be showing exciting new versions of our Messenger Pro 3 email software, and major enhancements to our Hermes-powered DialUp3 and NetFetch2 applications. These programs together will open up whole new avenues of mail and news handling, beyond what is possible on RISC OS today. We'll also be showing the latest versions of our Web Authoring and other Internet products as well as Datapower2/Home and more.

R-Comp Interactive will be showing some of the fastest machines to run RISC OS software with a number of new machines available in our popular RISCube and RISCbook range. If you're after top-of-the-line performance AND compatibility, look no further. We will also have a whole new range of systems with some eye-opening demonstrations..! You'll also be able to see our MusicMan MP3/CD software, updates to UniPrint and more.

RISCOS Ltd - -
Packaging Project
- The RISC OS Packaging Project aims to build RISC OS software packages that can automatically be downloaded, installed, removed and updated using the package manager RiscPkg. Come to the stand to learn more.
RiscCAD - RiscCAD Professional by David Buck

RiscCAD Professional is a comprehensive 2D CAD system for RISC OS. Fully menu and toolbox driven it allows users to create complex 2D designs with ease. Version 9 will be available at the show, with enhancements such as on-the-fly snap, multiple views, extended fill features, isometric and oblique grids and improved dimensioning.

RiscCAD Professional is available from David Buck, Dobella Cottage, Station Road, Rawcliffe DN14 8QT

Spelling Computer
- Spellings Computer Services will be showing their ever expanding portfolio of high quality RISC OS software including: Aemulor, Aemulor Pro, Cino, Geminus and DeskDebug. We will also have details of our wide range of LCD monitors and IYONIX PCI graphics cards for use with Geminus.

Aemulor is a 26-bit emulator for IYONIX pc allowing legacy software to be run seamlessly on the desktop. Aemulor Pro expands the range of software supported to include many full screen applications (such as Sibelious), filing systems, and many RISC OS games.

Cino is an ambitious project to bring DVD playing to RISC OS for the first time. Visitors will be able to see the current development progress and see DVDs playing under RISC OS on the IYONIX pc.

Geminus brings multi-monitor support to RISC OS for the first time. Allowing you to stretch your IYONIX RISC OS desktop over 1, 2 or 3 monitors (LCD or CRT) giving resolutions previously unimaginable under RISC OS! Geminus also allows the entire RISC OS desktop to be rotated, allowing LCDs that pivot to be used in portrait mode - great for DTP or web design.

Stuart Tyrrell - Tel: 0845 458 8803 / 01706 848 744
Fax: 0870 164 1604

Stuart Tyrrell Developments are renowned for their novel hardware for RISC OS machines, such as their IPKam range, Unipod, PS2MouseMini, NET100, switch boxes and the A6 series of RISC OS computers.

Virtual Acorn/3QD - VirtualAcorn will be showing the latest versions of their VirtualRPC software that allows users to run RISC OS on non ARM computers.
Wakefield RISCOS
Computer Club
- Wakefield RISC OS Computer Club (WROCC), your friendly Yorkshire club: help, advice, discussion and lively meetings
WROCC Charity
- The stall is sponsored by the WROCC, with all proceeds going to charities in Yorkshire primarily the Wakefield Hospice: please do help us in this worthwhile cause