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Aaron Timbrell rounds up the software directory

The complete DiscWorld line up

As per usual we have our collections of the latest RISC OS games and applications, as well as support files for this issues articles. So the full DiscWorld line up looks something like this:


An exclusive version of the EasyFont2 font manager previously sold by Fabis Computing for over £30. This has been extensively modernised to work with the later machines and operating systems including RISC OS Adjust, the Iyonix and the A9.


All the games from this issues games world column.


All the latest PD, shareware and freeware releases from the PD column.


Everything you need to write your own SDL applications.


This contains two sets of Toolbox Modules. The Castle archive contains the latest 26/32 bit neutral system components, required if you want to run a lot of new software releases on 26bit machines. The RISCOS Ltd archive contains later and improved versions of a number of modules and is suitable for all versions of RISC OS from 3.1 onwards. We have also included copies of SharedUnixLib and UnixHome as these are needed by some programs.

Aaron Timbrell