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It's the man with a 30% stake in Castle and enough left over for a fish supper...Hugh...Jampton!

Hello, and when I say hello I actually mean hello. So hello. As you might be able to tell I'm having a bit of trouble getting this column started (try jump leads - ED) but if you bear with me I'm sure we can all get through it. My excuse for the poor start is the heat, it's been over 35 degrees today and I'm finding it hard to keep waffling. Still, lets quickly move into the wonderful realm of the (un)official RISCWorld caption competition...

The caption competition

As I am sure you all remember last time I asked you to come up with a caption for this little beauty...

So, without further ado, lets see what delights were sent in by our ever vigilant readers.

















Yes, that's right, bugger all! Yes, not a sausage, so in order to try to fill up a desperately thin column I have asked around the RISCWorld offices to see what we could come up with.

"Qercus staff try to make a quick getaway from Wakefield"

"New electronic traffic signs are much clearer, claims government spokesman"
Dave Holden

"EBay advisor is now available from all.." (thanks Dave but we've had to cut this short due to space concerns - HJ)
Dave Bradforth

"New Skoda owners identification system comes on-line"
Paul Brett

So we don't have a winner this time, which means this issue is a Rollover! Whoooo. So not only could you win a luxury one course mean in a Five Star McDonalds of your choice we will even throw in (Up - Ed) an Extra Hit Apple Pie (bring your own oven gloves).

So lets see if we can get a response to this picture.

Send your entries to and you too could win a years supply of Sanatogen.

So before I close this column and go down the pub here are this issues amusing photos...

Hugh's picture gallery

Firstly some good advice...

Although this probably isn't good advice...

I'm not sure what I can say about this...

And to be honest this pretty mush speaks for itself as well...

Finally I will leave you with this....goodbye...

Hugh Jampton