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Complete with an open source RISC OS licence (eh?)'s...Hugh...Jampton!

Welcome to the new improved Hugh Jampton column, and now it comes in a larger box! Mind you it's still the same tatty (my spelling checker tried to replace this with tasty! - Ed) old contents, but what can you expect for the money? Anyway lets all try to get this over with as quickly as possible.

The caption competition

I'm quite sure that your home help, or meals on wheels lady, will be able to remind you that last issue we asked for your contributions for this:

Well I'm delighted to say that we have had a massive improvement on last issue and the entry literally flooded in:

"Are you sure you know how to fly this thing Druck?"
Doug Webb

However we do have a clear winner, strangely also from Doug...

"I think some fine tuning on the car's Dog Protector is called for"
Doug Webb

So congratulations to Doug for his sterling effort he wins a complete years worth of Qercus issues (Oct 2005 to Sept 2006). They will be dispatched via an empty envelope anytime never.

Hugh's time travel competition

Before we leave the wonder world of captions I feel that I also ought to mention this interesting entry...

"New Fundraiser for the Parish Council"

This had me very confused until I realised it was an entry for our competition on issue 1 of this volume! For those that can't remember what the photo was (me included - ED) here it is again.

No, it doesn't make any sense to me either. OK and keeping with the animal theme are you all ready for this issues picture?

As usual send your spam to and help keep the Hugh Jampton retirement fund empty.

Hugh's picture gallery

To kick off here is the proposed new EEC female parking space...

And here is something else just for the ladies...

And whilst I can't get off the subject here'e the ultimate female private licence plate...

What can I say?

Right I'm off for a long cool refreshing fart...

Hugh Jampton