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Paul Brett with the latest freeware and PD releases for RISC OS.

I am afraid to say that both my columns for this issue of RISCWorld will be shorter than usual. This isn't due to any lack of software releases on the part of RISC OS developers, but merely reflects an increased workload of late. So let us once again dive head first into the stream of software development.

CashBook - Steve Fryatt

CashBook is a home accounts application. Originally written for Steve's own use four years ago, it has been gathering dust on his hard disc ever since as he did not wish to release it in direct competition to any commercial titles. In its present (beta) form, CashBook is capable of keeping track of income and expenditure across multiple accounts. Analysis headings allow income and expenditure to be grouped and analysed. It has the following features:

  • Support for multiple accounts and analysis headings, limited only by the available memory.
  • Real-time statement views are available for all accounts and analysis headings, making it much easier to track receipts and payments.
  • All transactions can be reconciled against bank statements, either from the main transaction list or by using the appropriate statement view.
  • Budgeting can be carried out using the analysis headings, and can be restricted to any time window required.
  • Accounts, incoming and outgoing analysis headings are viewed in three single lists, and can be grouped together to provide summaries of related categories.
  • Support for unlimited repeating transactions (standing orders, direct debits and regular payments or receipts).  A look-ahead facility allows the effect of regular payments and post-dated transactions to be seen quickly.
  • Integral report system, allowing data to be analysed and viewed on screen, printed out or exported to spreadsheets, graphing packages or wordprocessors for further manipulation.
  • Support for multiple files to be edited at once.
  • Can import transaction data from Personal Accounts, initialising the necessary accounts and analysis headings in the process.  Full instructions are given in the documentation.


CashBook is freeware; more details can be found at

CSVAmp - Ray Favre

CSVamp is a freeware application allowing users to produce new, modified CSV/TSV files from existing CSV/TSV files. Some of the many things that can be done include:

  • Re-order fields.
  • Extract fields.
  • Add additional fields
  • Split any field in two (in different ways)
  • Sort on any field (with options to report duplicates and/or to retain but ignore 1st record).
  • Concatenate fields, with or without intervening added text.
  • Add text before and/or after any field.
  • Extract selected records.
  • Change field separator i.e. comma or Tab
  • Change record terminator i.e. LF, CR, LF+CR or CR+LF

The CSVamp main window

Apart from the text-only !Help file in the application, there is also a 'proper' Manual available in Impression, Ovation Pro and HTML formats. Copies of the manual in all these formats is included in the PD directory in this issue.

Form Filler - Kevin Wells

A RISCWorld favourite over the years, Form Filler has recently had an update. The program has one simple purpose, it can fill in data fields in forms quickly. You can program Form Filler with data or phrases that you use on a regular basis. Then if you need to fill in these details in a Web based form, for example your address, you can do so with one click of the mouse.


Form Filler comes set up with some examples. These can easily be removed so that you can add your own phrases. If the default 10 buttons aren't enough the pressing the MENU button anywhere in the main window will bring up a menu where you can have up to 10 sets of forms. Clicking on one of those forms will bring up that form, named form 01 to form 10. Form editing is done from the Iconbar menu.

IPWhoIs - Kevin Wells

Have you ever wondered who owns an IP address, or a website? IpWhoIs can tell you. In order to use it all you have to do is type in a domain name or an IP address, then either hit the Return key on your keyboard or click on the OK button. IPWhoIS will then launch a browser to the website with the correct answer for what you have entered.


It's very simple to use, but can also be very useful.

KeyStroke - Quantum Software

Keystroke is a program which has the ability to make other desktop programs perform their functions in a repeatable sequence set up by yourself. You can make these sequences quickly and easily and store them for later use.

This 'macro-maker‘ type program is unique in the world of RISC OS computers and offers you the chance to customise any number of functions into one key press. If you think of some of the repetitive tasks you have had to do in the past, Keystroke will wipe these away forever!

Keystroke can be set up to perform various sequences of mouse SELECT, ADJUST or MENU clicks, menu selections, inserting text, moving windows and the mouse pointer. It can also run external library functions which greatly increase its power over other programs. Keystroke allows these sequences to be repeated by one of three methods.

  • By running a small file in a Filer directory which tells Keystroke which sequence to perform. A number of these files could be stuck on the Pinboard or in a provided Button bar‘ type application, so that by clicking on these files with the mouse the sequence will be performed. This allows the exciting possibility of creating your own tool box for any application!
  • A time delay may be set so that the sequence can be performed every XX minutes. This, for example, allows Keystroke to add an autosave facility to an application which does not have one!
  • A key combination which when pressed performs the sequence. Virtually any key combination on the keyboard may be set up. You can even include the mouse buttons!


As an alternative way of using Keystroke, it can also play back these sequences at a greatly reduced speed so that you can in fact make a demonstration of another application as a teaching aid!

KeyStroke was a full commercial application, however with the closure of Quantum software it has now been released as FreeWare. You can get more details, as well as a number of support items, from the website. I would strongly suggest downloading these resources as soon as possible, as once the hosting on the sire expires the site will be gone forever.

Signing off

The next issue of RISCWorld will hopefully contain a very exciting annoucement. As they say, stay tuned.

Paul Brett