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Register a domain name with Verio

You have an idea - does your business have a name?

Any business venture worth its salt has to be built up around an identity, so that customers can immediately relate to what you’re selling.

One important aspect of that is your corporate image, built up through a logo and the name of the business itself. Thanks to the power of the World Wide Web, it’s now relatively easy to buy an online identity, known as a domain name, which can then be used to front your business when it appears on the Web.

Signing up is actually a quick and simple process, although deciding and indeed getting the actual domain name of your choice isn’t always the doddle that it may first appear to be. After all the Web has been around for a while now, so it’s reasonable to expect that some of the best domain names have been snapped up. However all is not lost. There are a few tricks you can employ to get the name you want and, thanks to an ever-expanding naming process, there is also a wider selection of domain name variations available. For example, once you could only get ‘’ or ‘’. However these days there are all sorts of domain name extensions, such as ‘.tv’, ‘.biz’ or ‘.org’, that can be used to ensure you secure the name you’re after.

It’s also possible to play around with various spelling incarnations of the word you’re after. This obviously won’t work if you already have an established brand name that has already been bought, though. In that respect, you could try approaching the owner to see if they might be willing to sell it, but it’s also an idea to keep an eye on your favourite names to see if the ownership of the domain has lapsed.

Visit a domain name service such as and follow the procedure as outlined in the following steps. Bear in mind that while eBay sellers can actually use their own dedicated URLs, there's nothing to stop you forwarding a registered URL to your own eBay shop; making the experience that little bit more 'business card' friendly.

There are many examples of this on the internet.

Step 1: Check out your options

There is a whole host of options when it comes to finding a place to buy a domain name. Verio ( has all the tools you’ll need in order to search and locate the name of your choice and then ensure that it remains in your possession for the foreseeable future. It's also one of the biggest companies out there.

Step 2: Read the small print

If you'd prefer to pay in pounds sterling, be sure to click the 'Worldwide Sites' link at the top of the Verio window. You can then select the UK site to be redirected to a site with prices in pounds sterling. Given the nature of the Internet, it's sometimes cheaper to buy .com domains in dollars.

Step 3: Search for the domain name

Enter the domain name you’ve chosen into this text field and then select the extension you would ideally like to have, such as ‘.com’, ‘.biz’ and so on. Click on the ‘Check Availability’ button to the right of that in order to see if your chosen selection is available.

Step 4: Decide on a package

If the exact domain name you’re after is not available then you will have to go back and enter a different one, or a variation on the original. Click on ‘Check Availability’ again to get to the next step. You should then select a period of ownership from the drop-down. Verio allows you to retain a domain for up to ten years.

Step 5: Check the boxes

Make your way through the last few options to secure your domain name. Be sure to select a package that meets the needs of your business, over such a term as to ensure that you never lose your identity. If you're selling a popular product, be wary of those who may register names similar to your own for selling inferior product.

Step 6: Finishing up

Once you’ve decided on the name and picked the package, the Verio signup process takes you through the last few windows. This includes a page to which you can add your domain contact details - address, billing and technical contacts. Make your payment by credit card and you're all set.

David Bradforth