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Wakefield 2008

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There has been some concern in the RISC OS market about wether there would be a Wakefield show next year. The venue for the 2007 show, which was very popular, is no longer available as it's been turned into a "wacky warehouse", whatever one of those is. Luckily the organisers have pulled out all the stops and a confirmation that the show ill be going ahead landed on my desk this morning.

The new show venue should be familiar to those that attended the very first Wakefield show all those years ago. It's the Cedar Court Hotel, conveniently located just off junction 39 of the M1. This is a large modern hotel with plenty of space and it's rather fitting that the show has moved back to it's first venue given that the show will also form part of the clubs 25th anniversary celebrations.

The organisers have also decided to move the show forward in the year. Normally the show happens in May, sometimes near the start of the month, sometimes near the end. There is usually one thing you can pretty much guarantee with the date, it will end up clashing with the Cup Final.

The 2008 show will be moved forward to the 26th of April. I am quite sure that the previous clashes with sporting fixtures must have been in the back of the organisers minds. Previously some potential visitors have complained about the clash, but it's worth pointing out that the date of the Wakefield show is usually published first. Indeed a few years ago the club didn't announce the date of the show until after the Cup Final date had been announced. So there wouldn't be a potential conflict for sports fans. A few weeks after the show information packs had gone out the FA moved the date of the Cup Final. Can you guess the date they chose? Yes, the same date as the Wakefield show.

Details are still a little sketchy at the time of going to press but we can confirm that:

  • The show will be open between 10am and 5pm.
  • There will be a show theatre this year.
  • The mini-bus service will be run between the Wakefield stations and the hotel.

Obviously at this early stage a list of exhibitors is not available but you can expect to see pretty much all of the RISC OS companies in attendance. RISCWorld will certainly be there. We will publish more details as they become available but put the date in your diary now.