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The latest news to land on the RISCWorld editorial desk...

Once again we kick off this issue of RISCWorld with a quick run down of he most interesting news to land on our desk over the last couple of months.

RISC OS AutoBuilder website update

A few more packages have been uploaded to the RISC OS Autobuilder Website. These are:

  • The latest version of the SDL Library (1.2.13).
  • Icebreaker game.
  • Sdlroids game.
  • Gemdropx game.
  • Command line utility wget.

The Autobuilder Website contains programs and libraries ported from other systems that are built by the GCCSDK Autobuilder. The site allows these to be downloaded either as zip files or using the RISC OS Packaging Project's !RiscPkg package manager.

The site is at:

February meeting of of RONE ("RISC OS North-East")

The next meeting of RONE ("RISC OS North East") will be held at Michael Bell's house at 8 00 pm, on Thursday 7th February 2008, when Mike Carter will give a talk about web development on RISC OS.

The address and map can be found at There will be light refreshments and the usual small-talk. One of the audience will be invited to step forward to give the talk the next time. All are welcome.

RISCOS Net - Peer to Peer file sharing on RISC OS

Version 1.04 of RiscOsNet, for Peer-To-Peer RISC OS Software Sharing, has just been released. The software can be seen running at The software is available upon request, free of charge, from Rebecca Shalfield at Hypertour Software.

R-Comp announce new £599 RISC OS Laptop

RComp are pleased to announce the availability of a new member of their RISCBook family - the RISCBook Mini.

This petit wonder packs quite a punch - its A5 footprint contains a decent qwerty keyboard, suitable for rapid typing, 3x USB2 ports (for expansion, pen drive storage etc), a camera/SD card reader for disc-type storage, wireless networking, wired networking and even a built-in touchpad. RComp say that it's like having a fully featured laptop computer, that fits in your pocket.

The unit ships with a widescreen display - ideal for a RISC OS iconbar - in its little chassis, and has a VGA connector for external monitor or projector. It even squeezes in a Webcam for video.

Storage is provided by solid state technology (no moving parts in this unit), and can be expanded via USB or SD card. †This means that you can install operating system and applications and run "solid state", then access data files either from the internal drive or from SD cards or USB pen drives (or USB hard drives etc).

The RISCBook Mini can be ordered in three configurations - Linux (cheapest), WindowsXP or WindowsXP+RISC OS. RComp expect most RISC OS customers to be interested in the latter configuration. †Like all of their RISCube and RISCBook range it'll include an array of performance enhancements and additional software/integration.

Prices start around 299ukp, but a fully loaded RISC OS model (incl WindowsXP and lots of additional software) is likely to be 599ukp inc VAT, which we feel makes excellent value for money for such a feature packed unit. The price includes a special padded case to carry and protect your new "baby".

If this sounds like your cup-of-tea (RComp imagine it'd be especially useful for people needing RISC OS on-the-go for presentations etc, given the tiny size coupled with wireless features and VGA connection for monitor/projector), please phone us on 01925 755043 or visit