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First Steps in Programming RISC OS Computers

A RISCWorld reprint of the updated second edition

First Steps in Programming RISC OS Computers (Second Edition)

Introduction to the RISCWorld edition

When we started planning RISCWorld back in the late 1990's we approached a number of authors to see if they would be interested in writing for this new magazine. We also approached a couple of authors who had written books about RISC OS that were now out of print. We wondered if we would be able to serialise these books in RISCWorld. One of those we approached was Martyn Fox. He had written a couple of books on BASIC programming that had been published by Sigma press in the early 1990's. Martyn had, or was in the process, of making sure that the rights to the books were his before he could confirm that we could re-print one or both of them. As an aside I had known Martyn for a number of years as he had been one of my early customers when I had set up ISV Products so I knew him quite well and was sure that he would get back to us when he had things tidied up.

In the meantime we had heard back from several other book authors and we had obtained the rights to serialise quite a number of titles in RISCWorld. Our quick calculations showed that we now had enough books to last us for nearly 10 years.

Shortly afterwards we heard back from Martyn who said that we could serialise his books in RISCWorld whenever we liked. We thanked Martyn and said that we would definitely want to include them in RISCWorld, but that we had made agreements with other authors for their books and that we needed to fulfil those agreements first. Martyn said that this wasn't a problem and that he was going to update this book and make it available on his website. This he subsequently did late in 2001, a copy was bundled with issue 6 of Foundation RISC User, two years before Martyn's tragic death in 2003.

Fast forward 5 years and we are finally going to serialise the first of Martyn's books as we agreed almost 8 years ago. The recent merger of Foundation RISC User and RISCWorld, to create Foundation RISCWorld means that we now have access to the improved HTML versions of the books produced by Richard Hallas. So here for everyone who has always wanted to learn to program under RISC OS we present part one of First Steps in Programming RISC OS Computers...


Index to Part One

"First Steps in Programming RISC OS Computers" and associated software files copyright © Martyn Fox 1993, 2001 and 2003

Iyonix Users

Please note that the Second Edition of this book was prepared before the launch of the IYONIX and RISC OS 5. As a consequence some of the information relating to graphics is already out of date. In particular, the graphics card supplied in the IYONIX pc does not support the use of 16-colour screen modes.

Several of the programs in this book make use of 16-colour screen modes: these programs will run on an IYONIX pc, but will switch to a 256-colour mode instead, with the result that the colours shown on the screen will not match those described in the book. Other graphical problems may also appear in individual programs. Readers who work their way through the book may like to try converting the programs to work well in 256 colours as an exercise to test their newly-acquired skills.

The worst-affected of the programs is Munchie, which is the subject of Chapter 11 and later chapters. A special 256-colour version of this program, Munchie_28, is therefore supplied for the benefit of IYONIX pc users.

Copyright Notice for First Steps in Programming RISC OS Computers

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