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Qercus delay caused by Illness

Finnybank Ltd are sorry to announce that, due to serious family illness, the next  issue of Qercus will be delayed. There is likely to be a knock on effect of the subsequent issue. We will endeavour to make good the delays with future issues.

Responses to any emails and telephone calls over the next month may well be delayed.

Apologies for any delay. Very urgent emails can be sent to my personal email address and I will pass on messages to John. My address is:

     cartmellbrowne [at]

Colin Cartmell-Browne

Whilst Drobe is on Pause

While drobe is on pause, you might care to take a look at This site is a rushed stop-gap measure initiated by drobe writer Martin Hansen to flag up a few items of interest and take the pressure off Drobe editor Chris Williams who has not updated for over a month. Martin's new site will always endeavour to compliment drobe.

In fact the domain name was registered four months ago. The idea at the time was to use it to promote Martin's RISC OS interests, with articles on using his mathmagical software.

This separately to his GENERAL computing interests in art and mathematics which, it was intended at the time, would be the focus of

However, drobe's continuing "no show" has brought the project forward, and will result in the initial postings on being of general RISC OS interest. Martin feel's that it'll take around a week to bring up to speed.

Martin Hansen

Archimedes World returns

I am pleased to announce that the Archimedes World blog is now live. This will be used to share news and views of current events, and also to bring a selection of articles to a wider audience via the Internet. Some will be from the Archimedes World heritage, others will not. It is working simply on the principle of an 'article a day'.

It's a blog, so it's not that pretty - but it's functional and searchable through Google with ease.

Recent articles include:

  • In Business with RISC OS
  • DarcWorld: Hints and Tips
  • Foundation RISC World launch new website
  • Exploring eBay (part 1)

I have put into place articles to appear over the next seven days automatically, and will interject with any news as and when.

Archimedes World. It's a blog. It's a magazine. It's at

David Bradforth (Editor)

Updates from RISCOS Open Ltd

We have put updated versions of !Printers and !PrintDefs onto the site for anyone to download. These introduce support for duplex printing for PCL printers, thanks to Herbert zur Nedden. Note: there are still some issues with this version of !Printers so it should be treated as beta quality. Volunteers for working on it would be very welcome!

We have also put a build of !Browse on our site. This is the Acorn in-house web browser which includes very basic JavaScript support but no modern stuff like CSS. This should also be treated as beta quality.

Finally, for Windows users, we'd like to draw people's attention to ROView - a syntax-coloured ARM assembler source code viewer for Windows. This might make browsing sources slightly friendlier on Windows.

Downloads can be found at

!Printers and !Browse are in "Desktop applications", !PrintDefs is in "Boot sequence related".

ROView can be found at

We would be extremely grateful to anyone who would be willing to help us with various jobs in their spare time (you don't need to be able to program to help us!):

  • Try out various downloads and let us know how you get on (if you run into problems, look at the next bullet points).
  • Update the Wiki page for each download for us (some are just holding pages at the moment).
  • Add your own notes and documentation to our Wiki and faults database.
  • Report to us any questions and issues you have (be sure to check out our FAQ pages first).
  • Donate to support the RISC OS Open activity.

And let's not forget we're always desperate for developers out there to dedicate a little of their spare time into fixing bugs and adding new features.

Thanks for your time.

The ROOL Team.

Job offer from Knightsfield School

We are looking to appoint two subject based assistants from September 2008.  One will be working to support the teacher and pupils in Science and the other will be working in Art and Design & Technology.

As both subjects have RISC PCs with a range of software and hardware to support the pupils learning, we are hoping that there may be someone from the RISC OS community who would like to join our staff.  The school has a wide variety of software available on the school-wide network.  For example ArtWorks2 and RiscCAD are in regular use in the Art and D&T department, along with MyWorld and Textease to name only a small sample.  Science has Sensing equipment and lots of CD-ROMs to play with!

Further details of the posts can be found at

Mrs S.E. Pointeer (Headteacher)