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Professor Steve Furber visits Wakefield RISC OS User Group

At the February (4th) meeting of the Wakefield RISCOS Computer Club we have special guest, Professor Steve Furber (CBE); one of the principal designers of the ARM 32-bit RISC microprocessor and the BBC Micro.

Steve visited the RISC OS North West User Group in May last year and kindly agreed to fit Wakefield into his busy schedule.† The talk will cover the history of Acorn and the time leading up to development of the ARM processor, as well as detail about current activity that Steve and the Advanced Processor Technologies Group are undertaking at Manchester University.

More information about Professor Furber and the Advanced Processor Technologies Group can be found at:


Entry to the event is free to WROCC members and visitors are welcome,although there is a fee of £2 for non-members. The club meets at 7:45pm in the West Yorkshire Sports and Social Club ever 1st Wednesday of the month. The address is:

Sandal Hall Close
Off Walton Lane
West Yorkshire

Full details are available at the club website.

Steve Potts

GCCSDK GCC 4.1.1 Release 1

The GCC developers are happy to announce the release of GCCSDK GCC 4.1.1 Release 1, a port of the GCC 4.1.1 C and C++ compiler and binutils 2.17 for RISC OS as cross-compiler for various platforms but also as native RISC OS compiler. You can use this port to develop RISC OS command line programs, Wimp applications and modules using SharedCLibrary or UnixLib as runtime library. Compared to the previous stable release of GCCSDK (based on GCC 3.4.6) the main difference is that the object file format is now based on ELF (

John Tytgat, on behalf of all GCCSDK developers

Aemulor price cuts

Good news for IYONIX PC and A9 owners who wish to continue to run the large back catalogue of software that is only available in 26-bit versions.

We have reduced the price of Aemulor (IYONIX and A9) and Aemulor Pro (IYONIX only) by 50%!

  • Aemulor is now £24.99 + vat
  • Aemulor Pro is now £49.99 + vat

Existing Aemulor users can upgrade to the Profession version for only £25+vat - again a saving of 50% of the previous price.

All can be purchased online from or from your nearest RISC OS dealer.

For further details on Aemulor :

For the additional features in Aemulor Pro:

Neil at

A new website for Organizer

The RISC OS personal information manager Organizer is now available from a new website. This marks another stage in the renewed development of the program originally created by Chris Morison. †The move completes the transfer of ownership to the new developer, North One Communications Ltd.

For the moment, the latest version available remains v1.57, Chris's final version, last updated in 2003, but still a very capable and key RISC OS program. The cost is £10, but new users will be eligible for a discount on the upcoming version, which is about to start beta testing. †Program development is being done by Martin Avison, author of several RISC OS programs, including Reporter, which was originally written by Chris Morison.

Many users have responded to the request to re-register as an Organizer user, but many email addresses were no longer current. So if there are any Organizer users who did not receive the email asking them to re-register, could they send their details - name, address, telephone number, email address, RISC OS platform (s) and Organizer version number - to:

This will also make them eligible for a discount on the new version. The new website address is:

It's been a steep learning curve both for me as a software publisher, and for Martin in finding his way around approaching 30,000 lines of code, but we hope an initial new version will be ready for release very soon.

Nigel Willmott - North One Communications