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RISC OS eXperience 2009

The only RISC OS show in mainland Europe returns...

After the success of RISC OS eXperience 2008 the show organisers,the BigBen Club in the Netherlands, are going ahead with another show this year. Unsurprisingly it's called the RISC OS eXperience 2009.


The show will be held on Saturday 16 May 2009. This is a week before the Wakefield show which might make it rather tight for some exhibitors. It would probably have been better for the show to be held in April or June but Foundation RISCWorld understands that the date was dictated by availability of the venue. Talking of the venue, just like last year the show will be held at:

Wijkgebouw de Vuister
Molenwerf 44
1541 WR Koog aan de Zaan
The Netherlands

Attendance at the show last year approached 100 customers. Many of these bought along their own RISC OS computers, so the show isn't just a chance to meet and great RISC OS companies it's also a chance for old friends and indeed new friends, to have a chat.

Response from last years exhibitors was uniformly posting, with Jim Nagel from Archive saying that the hospitality was excellent and that he enjoyed the show a great deal. Paul Reuvers from XAT in the Netherlands echoed Jim's comments and added that he had found the show to be well organised and had a warm atmosphere.

Unlike a number of RISC OS shows stands are free for exhibitors, although the cost of attending is still more that other RISC OS shows due to the distance that most RISC OS companies, which are based in the UK, need to travel. However as this is currently the only show outside England it's still well worth while for those that are able to attend, and as an exhibitor you get a free lunch!

The latest news about RISC OS eXperience 2009 can be found on the BigBen club's website at Hopefully this years show will be even bigger and better than last years.

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